Wed May 02 2018 8:00 pm
Caitlyn Smith
Andrea Davidson

Caitlyn Smith’s Starfire, released on January 19, 2018, is the culmination of years spent writing for other artists including James Bay, John Legend, and Meghan Trainor, before expressing what she wanted to say as an artist in her own right. Admired for her ability to whirl pure emotion into unforgettable tracks, Starfire, is a raw, visceral journey about love, hardship, and the struggle to pave your own way – all anchored by her unforgettable vocals.

Elle enthused, “Singer-songwriter Caitlyn Smith burns brightly.”

“With a voice that channels the haunting, ethereal tone of Emmylou Harris, it’s hard to believe Caitlyn Smith has spent most of her Nashville days behind-the-scenes,” opined Rolling Stone.

“You will fall in love with Caitlyn Smith as fast as you can,” according to Pop-Dust.
AXS exclaimed, “Powerful, affecting songs…Octave-defying vocals.”


Andrea Davidson is truly a very special and unique independent pop singer and songwriter. She is well-known nationally and internationally for her ability to captivate audiences as a multi-instrumentalist and powerful one-woman performer.

Andrea’s gift to play her muted strat while simultaneously controlling drums with both feet, beatboxing, and playing bass are instrumental and production skills that must be seen, listened to, and appreciated. Add her effortless range and authentic vocal characteristics to the instrumentals and the performances are simply unforgettable.

With a deep commitment to music’s ability to bring people together, uplift and heal, she has won an International Song of Peace Award and opened for the Dalai Lama as he toured the world to promote world peace and compassion.

Understanding music’s importance to childhood development, Andrea has worked as a committed Artist in Residence in Kentucky and has taught music to underprivileged children in South Africa. This year she will debut her Voluntour project to benefit music and the arts in K-12 schools across the USA.

After more than two years of hard work, Andrea is introducing her latest album “Shadow Painter” starting with a limited release this Spring. Its full launch is expected the Summer of 2018 and throughout Voluntour.

Additionally, if you are lucky enough to find it, check out Andrea’s “Rawferrings.” It’s a highly sought-after collection of unfixed, unmixed voice memos and demos giving you an inside look at the raw development of her musical and vocal artistic creations.