Sat Jan 11 2014 8:00 pm

At long last, Liquid Soul is back with the follow-up to its 2000 Grammy-nominated CD, Here's the Deal (Shanachie). Evolution, the band's fourth recording, gives evidence that the dynamic unit has continued to develop its infectious trademark sound and take it to new heights. Liquid Soul called on the help of Grammy-nominated producer Maurice Joshua (N'Sync and Destiny's Child) and Frayne P. Lewis, the son of Ramsey Lews, this time around. The result is a fresh mix of butt-kicking jams, driving jazz-inspired tracks and hot dance numbers. Fans of Liquid Soul will be thrilled by the album's extra live tracks which capture the sheer magnetic energy of the band. Highlights include "Action Jackson," the rambunctious opener with the killer horn intro and thumping bass; "Sun Ra," the smooth and ethereal tribute to the celestial king; "Nina's in Jail," the funky spoken-word track reminiscent of Deborah Harry's "Rapture"; and the overpowering and live dance track "Rage Experiment."

At the heart of Liquid Soul's sound, as always, is the fierce musicianship of the band itself. There's the renowned Liquid Soul horn section consisting of:

Mars Williams - Sax
Tommy Klein - Guitar
Josh Ramos - Bass (Phil Ajjarapu was bass on CD)
Tony "Kickdrum" Taylor - Drums
Doug Corcoran - Trumpet & Keyboards
Mr.Greenweedz - MC (Vocals)