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Booker T. Jones Returns to SPACE

SPACE and 93XRT are delighted to welcome back Booker T. Jones and his band to our stage. Jones, who graced our stage last year and showed us just what our in-house B3 organ is meant for, will be playing two back-to-back shows at 7pm and 9:30pm on Friday, December 6th.

Booker T. Jones is a music legend who demonstrates the touch of a master on the Hammond B3 during his live performances. With a career that spans five decades and appearances on over 400 albums, Jones’ wide variety of arrangements yields one of the most eclectic shows that graces the stage today. As a writer and arranger, Jones constantly experiments with rhythm, melody and genre, which can range from the funky staccato soul he helped pioneer in the 1960s to straight-up rock ‘n’ roll and the occasional ballad.

No conversation of classic rhythm and blues could possibly forgo his name. Although Jones was still just a teenager during his early years in the Memphis music scene, he was already a multi-talented musician who had played organ in church as well as saxophone, oboe, and piano at school. Before graduating high school, Jones was recruited by Stax Records in Memphis as an in-house musician and composer. Soon thereafter, Jones became a household name with the release of “Green Onions,” a soulful instrumental that he recorded with his band, The MGs, that was released by Stax in 1962.

Since “Green Onions,” which peaked at number three on the Billboard Charts in September of 1962, Jones has continued to write and produce — for himself and for other artists — countless hits. From the 1960s through recent years, Booker T. has proven to be a well of creative output, collaborating with artists as renowned and diverse as Otis Redding, Willie Nelson, and Rancid. That creativity has not ceased to be adored by fans and praised by critics. Jones was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammy’s in 2007, and in 2012, Jones won his fourth Grammy for his album The Road From Memphis. Most recently, Jones reunited with Stax, who released his latest album, Sound The Alarm, in June of 2013.

Booker T. Jones, whose classic brand of R&B is guaranteed to make audiences move, is an incendiary artist who cannot be missed live. In his last performance at SPACE, Jones floored the audience with his widely varied set list that merged classics with new tunes, including a cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya!”.

Tickets are still available for Booker T’s two upcoming shows at SPACE on 12/6/13 at 7pm and 9:30pm.


Posted November 21st, 2013

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